We are a team of enthusiastic, conscientious professionals. For the pruning and felling of your trees, we use advanced equipment adapted to every situation. We guarantee high-quality, safe work. As experienced professionals, we can assess the work to be done, the equipment to be used and, above all, the dangers involved. Indeed, only professionals able to make sound decisions should be entrusted with the climbing, pruning or felling of trees. Neither pruning nor felling can be improvised !

Our Services

Trees in cities need to be monitored by professionals as they are subject to disturbances related to the urban environment.

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A tree can be felled for various reasons: because of diseases, danger, clear-felling, etc.

The maintenance of your gardens and green spaces on a one-time or ongoing basis is one of the service.

Shredding is the best way to eliminate branches and trunks.

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Once a tree has been felled and sawn into logs of the desired length, the logs can then be split, on site, to make firewood.

You may find the stump of the felled tree an unattractive obstacle.